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We are Arizona pest control specialists. Our mission is to treat your home as we would treat our very own. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable about the industry, and unmatched by any other company with our thorough detail to each and every home treatment. Our goal as a company is to keep each customer long term. We are a local company that doesn’t plan on selling to Terminix like many other door-to-door companies are doing after just a few years of service.


Our customers are satisfied long term! Our initial service is compared to a car detail, not just a car wash. Each home is treated differently and customized to their specific needs. Our treatments cover from the front of each property all the way to the side walk, to inside the block walls that surround the back yard. We will NOT water down chemical or “Tag” homes when customers are not there by leaving an invoice without treating. Our customers TRUST our company and can reach us at any time for their pest needs.


Green Worx Pest Control is committed to keeping our clients happy and their homes pest-free. We back all of our service plans with a simple guarantee: if you are unsatisfied after one of our scheduled service visits, we will come back and re-service your home at no cost to you. We’ll even provide additional interior or external treatments if you’ve noticed occasional pests around your home even after a visit from us—again, completely free of charge 100% satisfaction will happen with Green Worx Pest Control.